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Ego blows

December 9, 2012

This weekend was really rough on my ego and I’m going to whine about it because this is my blog and I can do that if I want.

  • The one person who I rarely see, the one person I was looking forward to seeing more than anything else this weekend, decided that time was better spent in housework.  Ouch.
  • My 5 year old son told me this morning that he wanted his grandmother to himself and that I should just go away.  Stab wound to the heart.
  • My sister, the size medium/10, asked me today if I planned to get any bigger…as in fatter. Stripped nekkid and forced to pole dance in front of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show crowd after they were good and liquored up.

To top it off:

  • my son, (who has constantly tapped danced on my temper of late) with his poor behavior at a restaurant this evening, knocked one of my favorite hats under the table causing it to be left behind in our flurry to get him home and to bed.  I didn’t remember it until I pulled up at home 2 hours away and went to put it on before stepping out into the cold air.  I’m doubting it will be found, as someone probably kipped for themselves.
  • had troubles with my truck all the way home, only to have it drive just fine for my husband.  Bloody hell.

I think I will just go cry myself to sleep now.

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  1. J_Agathokles permalink
    December 10, 2012 4:54 AM

    Everyone has those tough days were everything goes wrong and seems to intentionally try to make stuff difficult for you. It sucks :-/


  2. Anne permalink
    December 10, 2012 8:29 PM

    You still have me kickin’ ’round….


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