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December 6, 2012

moved from Oaken Scrolls

For Zeusday, I included him within my daily devotions and have lit him a beeswax tealight.  I also did a meditation.  For me, meditation is allowing my mind to wander wherever it wills without my logical mind directing things.  Allowing things to happen as opposed to directing them.

I sat down and imagined the cold energy of the earth combining with the warm energy of the sky.  This combination produces steam or mist.  The mist  is warm and humid, it obscures ones surroundings.  It is like cuddling beneath your favorite blanket knowing that all is right in your world.  As I was snuggling down into the mist, a pair of hands reached through and hauled me out.  It was my lord and together we marched up a path (in my experience Zeus doesn’t sit still too often).  In the background I could hear or maybe I started humming this song (which is a song that I associate with Zeus but darned if I could find my original post upon it…including the rewritten lyrics such as “searching for Zeus” “just like they used to do” )

Zeus lead me up the trail which ends at a cliff edge.  He gestures to what we can see which is everything.  I hear “Life is meant for living, not <images of me at home doing meaningless things, crying, etc.> and such.”  He then comes up from behind me and wraps his arms around me.  He is so much bigger that I am completely engulfed by him with his head resting upon my own.  “I gave you wings, use them!”  Suddenly my wings sprout out shoving Zeus away from me as he chuckles.  I find myself winging my way across the sky, just looking at what is below.  I am mindful about not flying too high as Icarus comes to mind.  Suddenly, feathers break and my wings can no longer hold my weight.  I find myself falling, only to be caught be Zeus who is still chuckling it seems.  The implied lesson is that I need to try, to do, to experience things…that he will be to catch me when (not if!) I fall.

Seems I’ve been playing things to safe, hiding or hibernating too much.  Not sure what I’ve missed doing but there does seem to be something…

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  1. December 6, 2012 6:59 PM

    Man, that’s cool. I never have experiences like that. Also, I tend to feel the Two Powers as opposite–meaning the Earth power is warm and the Sky power is cool. Just a random comment, I guess…not sure where I was going with that. 🙂



    • December 6, 2012 10:08 PM

      It has taken me a LONG time to get meditations like this…often I have issues because my logical mind cannot let go long enough to let something happen…it often happens in…stutters. Then my logical mind comments and the part that is trying to meditate argues with it. Often the logical mind wins and then the mediation comes to a halt, When it doesn’t win then the mediation continues…at least until the logical mind finds another issue.

      Example 1: xyz happens – that can’t be right. yes it can. let go and let it happen…

      Example 2: xyz happens. you’ve got to be kidding. hush. let go and let it happen…


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