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Addition to daily devotions

December 6, 2012

moved from Oaken Scrolls

As I continue with the Wheel of the Year exercises (I think I’m a week behind or so), I read something that was similar, though expanded, to what I say after doing the two powers meditation.  I liked it so am adding it to my daily devotions.

The Fire, The Well, the Tree
Flame and Flow and Grow in me
I bridge the Earth and Sky
Rooted deep and crowned high
Sea around me
Sky above me
Land Beneath me
The Worlds stand firm
Around and within me.

While due to all the running around I did yesterday taking my kitten to the vet and then dealing with family matters at home, (I didn’t even get in a shower) I did not due my usual devotional, although I did light a beeswax tealight in their honor.

I have received all the books I ordered through the mail.  I think I’m going to have troubles getting them read.  For the most part, they are not on subjects that I find interesting and if the writing is at all dry, it won’t take much for me to be distracted.  I did a lot of this type of reading early on in coming onto the Pagan path.  Realistically, not much has changed in 17 years.  I’d rather study specifics then generalities.  I’d rather sit at the feet of a lecturer on the topic, then spend precious time wading through these books.  I will buckle down at some point but not sure during the winter holiday season…

I have acquired a new tarot deck, Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, and in doing the interview spread have discovered that this may be the perfect deck to use for omens during ritual.  Wish me luck!

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  1. December 6, 2012 6:54 PM

    I’m curious, what other books are you planning to use for the DP?



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