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November 26, 2012

I’ve been doing a slow descent into illness since Thursday.  I missed my Zeusday observation but I managed to keep up my daily devotions until yesterday.  I was just too ill yesterday to present myself before an altar.  Feeling better today, not great, but better.  I have a lot to catch up upon due to my week out of town.

I did however add the Nature Kin to my prayers last night (as I already pray to my ancestors and gods before bed).  Honestly I’m not even sure it is the right thing to do as I get the impression that most of them have little use for humans but I would like to strike up a friendly relationship with them.

During the winter I do not spend much time outside.  I hate to be cold.  However I do have to pick my son up at his bus stop every week day, so I try to observe the environment while I’m waiting.  The stop is next to a field that used to have a mine so I’m not sure how “alive” that patch of ground is (I live in an old mining town…gold rush, silver rush type of old).  I’ve started closing my eyes and just listening.  Usually I hear neighborhood dogs and vehicles passing by.  Occasionally I hear birds.  For living in an old mountain town, where the edge of town is only a couple blocks away, you’d think I’d see more animals passing through than I do.  I then look at the sky and see what the clouds are doing.  I notice whether the surround peaks have more or less snow.  My gaze then wanders to the few trees nearby and then the ground.  If there is trash, I pick it up.  This is pretty much my daily routine.

When we are driving anywhere, we keep an eye on the land.  Hubby is usually better at spotting four-legged animals than I am but I think that is the hunter in him.  Often we see deer, elk or antelope.  Occasionally a fox (about the only wild animal I see moving through town) or coyote.  Often see crows and small birds.  Occasionally raptors such as eagles or hawks.  Three animals that I’d like to see in the wild but never have despite having lived in Colorado my whole life:  a bull moose with antlers (seen them without or in velvet), cougar and a bear.

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  1. November 26, 2012 1:21 PM

    “Mental discipline” only needs to occur at least weekly, so no worries about getting behind. I hope you feel better! If you’re having trouble connecting to the Nature Spirits or to the Land, try asking the Nature Spirits how you can better connect with Them and the Land. That’s what I did! (See my posts “A conversation with Land Spirits,” parts one and two.)

    May the Kindreds help you regain health!
    Victoria 🙂


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