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Thankful Day 25

November 25, 2012

I’m thankful we came home yesterday because last night was horrible.  At one point, I had the chills really bad.  I also needed to go the bathroom.  Now our bedroom is in upstairs in the front of the house.  The bathroom is downstairs in the back of the house.  One side of the stairs has no railing.  I was afraid to go down the stairs without assistance, so I woke up my husband who got up and helped me with no complaint.  He also rewarmed up my “beanies” then spooned me once he helped me back to bed.  Between him and the beanies I got warm again and was able to go back to sleep.  That isn’t to say that I slept straight through as I woke every time I needed to roll over I think….once the fever kicked in, I wasn’t sure if it was a fever or hot flashes until the heat didn’t go away.  At some point my son woke up to tell us that he was oh so sorry but he must not have gone the bathroom before he went to bed and didn’t make it down there in time.  Hubby again got up and took care of the situation.  He also made me lunch (and dinner considering I had the same thing twice).  So as always I’m thankful for my Hubby as he did a wonderful job caretaking last night.  Not all men would be as understanding and uncomplaining as he has been today.  Hopefully I will get a good night sleep and be myself in the morning.

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