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Fear and thankfulness

November 19, 2012

Fear is finding out that one of your husband’s general contractors and friend is in the hospital with an infected knee…staph infection is the guess.  Not sure how or when he might have got it.  Got his knee cleaned out today.  Hoping he doesn’t loose the leg.  Thankful that it isn’t my husband that is in the hospital…fear that it could be.  Hubby is helping out by picking up the slack while is friend is in the hospital.  My heart beats in fear that he could injure himself on whatever it was that got the friend.  If he goes down, we are screwed.  Lots of fear and lots of prayers that nothing like this happens to us.  Prayers that the friend recovers and keeps his leg.  My mind keeps looping between these things.

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  1. November 21, 2012 5:13 PM

    I survived Staph that attached to an artery… I will keep you and yours in my mind tonight!


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