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Late Thankful Day 15 and 16

November 17, 2012

Thursday I was thankful that I have the ability to attend school functions.  I was rather surprised at how many parents of my son’s classmates did not come have thanksgiving lunch with their children.  It was surprising and a bit sad.  I saw the envious look on more than a few faces as they looked at those who had parents with them.  I think some parents would be surprised to know how important something so little is to their child.  Every time I volunteer in my son’s classroom, he runs over and gives me a hug.  I hope these few easily done actions build a strong relationship with my son that we can fall back on during those difficult teenage years.

Friday:  I’m thankful for the creative streak I inherited from my mother and grandmother.  I am thank that my husband willingly helps me with any project I conceive of…  My latest is turning a box into a travel altar.  It used to hold a miniature chess set.  When open and laid flat, it is a circle.  When closed, it is a half circle with room for storage.  Hubby primered it then sprayed it a metallic copper color.  I am decoupaging a picture of Hestia upon it then Hubby will spray a sealer on it.  I didn’t take any progress pictures so you’ll only get to see the finished product.


Also I’m behind on the Pagan Blog Project.  Any ideas for the letter W?  I need two.

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