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November 15, 2012

Today being the day the ancients honored their agathos daimon (good spirit), I decided to refill the ktesios jar with mint tea but also do a reading to see where I went wrong yesterday and what I need to do to fix it.  I used the Celtic Dragon tarot deck which is dedicated to my AD.  In making up the jar and my own cup of tea, I realized how much I connect tea with hospitality and friendship.  A perfect offering when every I start to dither over what to offer.    I combined two spreads for this reading:  Jackass spread and Spiritual Guidance spread with card 7 from the former being the focus card of the latter.

  1. You – Strength:  Calm down.  Buck up.  You can do this.  You are doing better than you think.
  2. Problem – 4 of Swords:  lack of rest/meditation
  3. What you did – 9 of Cups:  spending too much energy/time dithering on worries instead of living in the now
  4. Solution – 6 of Wands:  don’t focus on parts, one step at a time, live in the now not in what has past or what is coming
  5. What you’ll do – Empress:  talk it to death
  6. Consequences – 10 of Swords:  whining will get you nowhere but depressed
  7. Start here – Page of Swords:  Begin again, face up to and fix mistakes as they happen
  8. Desire – Page of Wands:  to connect with the Kindreds
  9. Anxiety – 3 of Swords:  fear that you will not/have not the ability to connect with the Kindreds
  10. Guidance – Sun:  this is a trial by fire situation.  You learn by doing.
  11. Action – 7 of Swords:  take it slow and easy
  12. Do – Ace of Wands:  start again.  You have divine approval.
  13. Future Guidance – World:  encouragement; you will meet your goals.
  14. Outcome – Hanged Man:  you will benefit from this altered perspective in the long run.

Q = 103 = 4 = Emperor:  building a foundation; God (Zeus) influenced

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  1. November 15, 2012 2:26 PM

    Wow! Tarot is clear as mud to me, so I’m impressed that you could read meanings that clear from it. 🙂



    • November 15, 2012 2:30 PM

      [chuckles] I’ve been learning tarot for years…my interest started in ’95 and I still rely upon books from time to time. The second half of this reading is a spread from “Tarot Made Easy” by Nancy Garen. It does a great job when I’m stuck.


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