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Thankful Day14

November 14, 2012

Slept better last night, so I’m thankful for that.

Didn’t have to leave the house, I’m thankful for that.  (Well except for a spice run tonight.)

I worked on laundry today.  Posted a play kitchen to Craig’s List.  Boxed up some clothing for a friend’s grandchild.   Need to take it to the post office tomorrow. Bagged up some clothes to give my sister.  Changed the sheets on our bed and washed the duvet.  Did my Noumenia ritual…got bad omens for it.  Need to figure out where I went wrong.  Did a little reading for ADF-DP.  Tag team lecture with my husband on my son’s careless actions and the future consequences.  Got 3 batches of sausage made (2 of Italian and 1 Chorizo…yeah Hubby has finally got into prep for winter mode…about a month later than usual).  His bus driver returned the one pair of gloves he lost yesterday.  I’m very thankful for that as they were more expensive than we like to buy for him.  They are now attached to his coat via some black yarn.

Tomorrow night, we will make up chili powder since the chiles are dried out.  Maybe get my cocoa mix made up too.  Also need to make up the rhubarb butter still.  I’m thankful that we have the supplies on hand for all of that or the money to purchase it if needed.  The trick will be if the local grocery store has the spices we need.  Tonight, they didn’t have any fennel…

Oh, got the holiday cards I designed in the mail today. They look great!  Thankful for that too.

Today was filled with the little things to be thankful for…

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