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November 14, 2012
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So today is Noumenia.  I did a full ritual (instead of short)  just to honor the Kindreds, no other intent.  I did have some trouble deciding on offerings.  Offerings are difficult for me to begin with because part of me sees it as a waste.  Some days it is harder than others to come up with something that seems correct and doesn’t set off my “your being wasteful” vibe.  Today was a difficult day.  Not sure why as I was looking forward to this ritual which I also did instead of the daily devotional.  Yeah, well the Kindreds were not having any part of it.  The omens were negative.  First time I pulled one for each Kindred.  Second time I pulled just one.  Ouch and double ouch.  Not sure where I went wrong. I feel like I’ve been hit in the gut when I wasn’t expecting it.

Ancestors – Xi:  There is no fruit to take from a withered suit.

Gods – Nu:  The strife-bearing gift fulfills the oracle.

Nobles – Epsilon:  You desire to see the offspring of righteous marriages.

2nd time – Phi:  Having done something carelessly, you will thereafter blame the Gods.

What went wrong?  I forgot to do the Two Powers meditation.  No sure why I have had such a mental block where that is concerned lately.  I forgot to include the offering for the prayer of sacrifice, so they got some of the water from the blessings cup.  Everything else seemed to go fine.  I can’t think of anywhere, other than what I previously mentioned, where I was careless.  Certainly not blaming the gods, just confused.

Later tonight, when I’m not so twitter painted, I’ll try to do a tarot reading to see where I went wrong.

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  1. November 14, 2012 4:57 PM

    I get the feeling that the Kindreds are telling you to not make offerings if your heart isn’t in it. When I make my offerings, I do so with joy and love. My Omens seem to usually be good. What questions do you ask when you take the Omen? Do you ask if the blessings have been accepted or simply, “What are the blessings offered?”



    • November 14, 2012 5:21 PM

      That’s a very good point…I’m not sure what I was thinking at the time.


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