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Thankful Day 13

November 13, 2012

Didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m not sure how I spent my day…other than volunteering in my son’s classroom for 30 minutes.  Oh wait, I got home in time to watch the solar eclipse and see the “diamond ring” twice.  Was supposed to do my reading for the ADF Dedicant Path (from here on out abbreviated as ADF-DP) but I never made it.  Was supposed to do some housework…umm yeah didn’t get that done either.  Planned out some crafts…an altar tile for the main altar and a travel altar/box.  I’m sure there was other stuff but darn if I can remember what.

Today I’m thankful that we have the wherewith all to stock up our pantry and freezer.  Tonight while I cooked dinner, Hubby started cutting up the 2 pork shoulders we bought on Sunday.  We got pork bits, green chile meat and a few roasts out of it.  Not to mention fat and such for making sausage.  (Guess what we are doing tomorrow night?)

After dinner, he returned to cutting while I set up for my dark moon ritual, did my dark moon ritual and took the time to understand the divination.  He did all that without complaint.  Didn’t even get grumpy.  So yeah, tonight I’m thankful for my hardworking, ever-patient Hubby.  After I was done, I helped him package up the cut meat and then started a pot of beans soaking.  They’ll soak until about noon tomorrow.  Then I’ll drain them, rinse them, add more water, some spices and pork bones.  When they are done cooking and cooled off, we will freeze them too.  While they can be used for soups and such, we mostly use them when we make Mexican food.

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