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Dark Moon Ritual

November 13, 2012

Did a dark moon ritual tonight.  It was very rough.  Honored my lady, lit a beeswax candle for her, pulled some tarot cards and went on with the ritual.  Wasn’t until the very end that I realized that I forgot to seek the omens.  [head/desk]  Pulled them when I was done and was encouraged by the results.  Evidently the Kindreds are either really kind or did not think I did as bad as I did.

Ancestors – Theta:  “You have the helping Gods for this path.”; postive

Gods – Psi:  “You have the righteous judgement from the Gods.”  ; neutral

Noble Ones – Gamma:  “Gaia will give you the ripe fruit of your labors.”  neutral to good

Taken all together, I think it is positive due to Theta as they other two speak of reaping what you sow.

Divination was done with Pearls of Wisdom tarot deck and using this spread.  During ritual, I just shuffled the cards and then drew the first 7…or so I thought.  I ended up with 8 cards.

  1. Let go:  7 of Swords – let go of the old, including/especially your worries
  2. Keep:  9 of Wands – keep moving forward with confidence
  3. Yet to come:  Knight of Pentacles – stability
  4. World and me:  Lovers – you are a beloved child of a Gaia
  5. Give:  give up on the idea of balance as it is only a temporary state reached as you move from one state to another
  6. Receive:  4 of Pentacles – directions, signs
  7. Learn:  Heirophant – learn the old ways brought forward (modernized? ADF I’m assuming)
    1. King of Cups – learn ease in/with this path

Quintessence = 36 = Hermit – self-study

While this reading did not cover what I had hoped (my relationship with her), it does seem to encourage my efforts on the DP.

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  1. November 14, 2012 8:46 AM

    I want to preface this by saying I realize this is your personal practice, and you are free to do as you wish.

    I am confused why you did divination using a different method than you used for the Omen. I am including divination in my devotional ritual this week. My method will be runes, which is what I use for the Omen. I guess I’m just asking for clarification.



    • November 14, 2012 8:54 AM

      Omens tell the acceptability of the ritual. The Divination was to touch base with my Lady and see if I’m on the rite track or if there is something I’m missing, need to explore, etc. I use the deck that I have dedicated to her specifically.


      • November 14, 2012 9:02 AM

        Ah, okay. You have a special deck for that purpose. That makes sense! I understand that divination is separate from an Omen; I’m just using the same method for my divination and for my Omen this week.

        Thanks for the clarification!

        Victoria 🙂


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