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Thankful Day 12

November 12, 2012

I was a bad mama over the weekend and forgot that my son had homework to do.  We got some of it done last night but still had writing to do.  So today I was thankful that I woke up when my son got up at 6:40 and had enough presence of mind to get up so that we could finish his homework.

Today when my son got off the bus he complained of not feeling well.  I was worried that he’d  picked up a bug or even worse that he might have given it to his great grandmother.  I put him to bed and he puked not much later.  Yet he never ran a fever.  After sleeping some, he was back to his normal self.  I’m guessing he got car sick on the bus as it was warm and he was bundled up.  I’m thankful that he is not ill.  Hopefully we will find his missing hat and mitten…

I’m thankful that I found a neat gift for my nephew.  It is hard to shop for someone that you do not know well but I think this gift will pass muster.

I’m thankful that if the weather holds, my sister and her children will make the drive up and spend thanksgiving up here…especially since she will not get the kids for Christmas.  Hopefully we all can find a way for her to make it home so that she will not be alone for Christmas.

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