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Travelling over the weekend

November 11, 2012

Did some traveling over the weekend.  It gave me a greater appreciation not only for home but also for where we live.  Truly proved the adage of “there is no place like home”…although home is much colder than I would like right now and I so dislike being cold!  We did see (besides the numerous horses and cows) buffalo, deer, antelope, hawks and an eagle.

The trip was to help celebrated my husband’s grandmother’s 84th birthday.  We enjoyed the hospitality of one of his aunt’s.  Despite the traveling I have kept up my daily devotional.  My son joined me two of the three days.  Did not do the 2 powers meditation on two of the days due to timing and place but I figured the important part is the acknowledging of the Kindreds.

One of the big mental issues I have when we travel is the whole host guest relationship.  I often feel that doing my religious devotions in a household that may not be accepting of my religion is awkward and maybe even discourteous yet not doing something seems discourteous to the Kindreds.  I’d be interested in hearing how others deal with this.

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  1. November 12, 2012 10:07 AM

    I do weekly devotional anyway, when the house is empty. I still live with my parents, who wish I was Christian. Out of courtesy for them, I perform ritual when they aren’t home, so they don’t have to see it and deal with the “weirdness” of it, as well as the scent of incense. Haven’t ever really had a problem doing things that way.

    Besides, I’d rather piss off my parents than the Kindreds anyway…(sorry for the crass language)



    • November 12, 2012 10:13 AM

      I want to stick to a daily devotional because if I let it slide, I’ll end up NOT doing it.


  2. November 12, 2012 10:27 AM

    Ah, well I’ve managed to stick fairly well to a weekly devotional. Occasionally I’ve let it slide for a week or two, but I always pick it back up. This is coming from someone who has been to three different colleges on and off for six years and is finally receiving her BA in December! I think once you’ve forced yourself to do it for a couple months, you realize how much you crave the communion with the Kindreds that ritual provides, and you really dislike having to miss ritual due to an appointment or something. That’s how it worked out for me, anyway.



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