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Thankful Day 9

November 9, 2012

Typing this from Wyoming.

Today I’m thankful that we made it up here with no problems.  Other than a bit of whining (“Mom are we there yet?!”), my son was well behaved and even I didn’t start getting antsy until the last half hour after the sun went down and you couldn’t see anything.  We saw a bald eagle, quite a few hawks, some deer, some buffalo and a lot of antelope (pronghorns actually).  The scenery was really nothing to write about.  Guess we are quite spoiled by where we live.  We will not be taking that way home.  The extra hour longer really was not worth it.

Never realized how much my father-n-law looks like his mother until today.  Right now her hair is probably shorter than his and the similarity is very obvious.  She seems to be doing a lot better and pleased to see us which makes the trip worth it.

We were going to get a hotel room, but got talked into staying at his aunt’s.  Here’s hoping that we sleep well.

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