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WOTY Week 4 homework: Official Samhain ritual critique

November 7, 2012
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My solitary All Hallows ritual for Persephone and Haides was celebrated on November first during the afternoon. I did it then because I had the house to myself. I should have paid attention to that thought that said not to do it during the afternoon as it did not go nearly as well as the ritual for the ancestors the night before. I need to remember that khthonic deities are traditionally held at night and there may be a good reason for that. I included Zeus since it was Thursday (after doing a divination to be sure this was acceptable) which is the day I typically honor my patron. Hermes was my gatekeeper.

Errors:  I forgot to fill the Well and did not discover this until I was in the ritual already. So I used some of the water from the blessings cup. I also forgot to do the Prayer of Sacrifice.

Omens:  When I first did the omens, using the Greek Alphabet Oracle, I got Phi (having done something careless…). I stopped, looked at my ritual template and realized what I did wrong. I then went back and did the prayer of sacrifice. I then redid the omens and got Beta for Persephone and Haides (with the help of fortune, you will have the assistance of Apollo) which seemed more positive. For Zeus, I got Kappa (To fight the waves is difficult, endure friend) which seemed encouraging.

Offerings:  2 homemade skull cookies and pomegranate syrup laced wine, plus prayers for Persephone and Haides. For Zeus, I offered one of the acorns my sister sent me from Texas and a prayer. The cookies, wine and other offerings/remnants were disposed of into my offering pit. The acorn was placed on Zeus’ shrine.

Overall:  The ritual structure went smoothly. Yet the whole thing felt like I was wading through mud. I was getting somewhere but not very quickly and it required a lot of energy. The only thing I can think to attribute to this is that I did the ritual during the day.

Improvements:  I need to write up a list of needs for ritual and check them before starting. I need to choosing time of the ritual more appropriately.

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  1. November 7, 2012 11:29 AM

    Just be sure to put this in actual paragraph form when you write it up for your DP, but looks good! 🙂



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