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PBP: Votress of Zeus

November 6, 2012

So I’ve been mulling over what to write for the second week of the letter V. Nothing had been coming to mind. Then a word caught my eye, “votress”. Votress is the archaic form of votaress which is a female votary. Votary is a devotee. This reminded me that I’ve been honoring and studying Zeus for 5 years as of Halloween. I wish I would have remembered that on the day, it was a crazy-busy day, a crazy-busy week.

Once I got to know Zeus a little bit, I never regretted the interest he has shown me. Yet when I first drew him as my god to study for November 2007, I was not pleased. My perception of Zeus was not unlike my perception of the Christian deity except at least Zeus enjoyed sex. The tarot reading I did suggested that I start off by meditating/dreaming upon him. This I dreaded even more than “wasting” a month on Zeus as I do not meditate well. But I did as advised and had the strongest most interesting meditative exercises that I have had up to that point.

Now I try to write down my meditative experiences because my memory is terrible.  I write it down so I can go back and refer to it. I must apologize because I’ve been remembering the important point from this meditation incorrectly for all this time. I asked during the mediation how I can get to know him better.

The only way you can truly know me is by coming to me. All the rest is like reading the society columns or scandal rags.

All I can say is that evidently this was not good enough for my intellect because I translated this as “do not study the myths. All the rest is like…” So what did I study? Epithets. Yet now I realize that all this avenue of study has afforded me is what the ancients thought of Zeus…the ancient version of society columns and scandal rags. While it has been interesting, at the same time I feel like I have failed him.  Way to go Aj.  I feel like an idjit.

This knowledge rather derails where I was originally going to go with this post. I was going to chart my devotional history with Zeus through my writings both on this blog and in my private journal but I’ve lost the desire. Need to return to the beginning. Like I said earlier, I find meditation difficult. I have such an active, curious mind that stilling it to meditate, more less receive messages outside of myself, is very hard but that is what it looks like I need to do.

That being said, I have written many things about Zeus on this blog, stories, prayers, meandering essays. I regret none of this; I only regret the time I wasted not doing as I was told in addition to satisfying my curiosity. If you want to know why I honor this god, then the best place to start is the pieces I’ve written, some with humor and some entirely serious, to see what it is I see in this divinity. Either surf the Zeus tag or click on the Letterings link below the header and it will lead you to my writings. It should be fairly up-to-date.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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