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11/1/12 – Samhain ritual

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Did my All Hallows ritual for Persephone and Haides. I included Zeus since it is Thursday (after doing a divination to be sure this was acceptable). Didn’t go as well as it did last night. Not sure if I got a little too confident in what I was doing, if it was because it was during the day or what. Forgot to fill the well, used some of the water from the blessings cup. Forgot to do the Prayer of Sacrifice, when I did the omens I got Phi “having done something careless…”. I stopped, thought about it and realized what I did wrong, then did the prayer of sacrifice. Redid the Omens and got Beta for Persephone and Haides (with the help of fortune, you will have the assistance of Apollo) which seemed more positive. For Zeus, I got Kappa (To fight the waves is difficult, endure friend) which seemed encouraging. Offerings were 2 cookies and pomegranate syrup laced wine, plus the prayers for Persephone and Haides. For Zeus, an acorn.

I forgot to take a picture of the altar before I started. Below is the one I did after I cleaned up.

This altar is against the west facing wall of my dining room.

The Dionysos statue will eventually go over the wine rack. The draped statue is Persephone. She will move into the window after today. The piece of paper is to help me through the daily devotional as I do not memorize quickly. The two tiles to the left are the alphabet oracle tiles in front of their container.  Center back is my Hestia candle lamp with the supplemental candles on either side. To the left is the copper well and to the right is my Gaia statue.  The blue vase, front-center, is where offerings are poured/placed.  Incense is burned on a dish behind it, in front of the Hestia statue.  To the left of this is the blessings cup and to the right is the purification bowl.  On the either side of these are the ancestors’ skull offering dish and cup for nature’s kin.  The green cloth is my ritual himation and the book under the alphabet oracle box is my prayer book.

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