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10/31/12 – prayers and ancestor ritual

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Wrote a prayer for Haides and revised one for the ancestors.

Prayer to the Ancestors

I call to thee of blood and heart
By well, tree and flame
I wish to know you
I seek you in my slumbers
As I move throughout my day
Tell me your stories
Guide me with your wisdom
Come to me, my grandparents
Tell me about the good ol’ days
So much has been lost
So much has been unsaid
Share with me, your kin,
For though me, your memory lives on.
Whether silent or vocal
I honor my ancestors
Known and unknown
Hail and Welcome!

LATER: Did a ritual honoring my ancestors. First time through my ritual template. It went fairly well. I was calm. I paced myself. I felt no worldly worries which is unusual. Usually I’m worrying about something and go too fast through ritual. The only problem was forgetting my prayer book on my desk, instead of having it on my altar. I was tired before the ritual but not calm. Now I am drowsy and calm. I offered my ancestors a homemade cookie and the skull box with letters in it (along with the above prayer) which I will burn tomorrow outside. Tomorrow I will do a ritual for Haides and Persephone to turn the wheel of the year. I also hope to finish week three homework. Omen was Pi – if you persist in your struggles you will succeed.

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