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10/29/12 – Full moon short ritual

November 5, 2012

[Catch-up post]

My son joined me both Saturday and Sunday in my daily devotional at his request.

I did the devotional today. My focus today is getting through week 3 reading and start writing my Samhain ritual. I also plan on doing a simple ritual for the full moon tonight after my son is in bed.

Later: did my full moon ritual, so tired, did not go well in my opinion. Need to smooth the rough edges and make some adjustments.

Omens: Ancestors – Alpha (positive), Gods – Lambda (positive), Nobles – Omega (seems like an observation of the poor quality of the ritual despite my efforts…), my Lady – Eta (the Sun/Light watches over me). Overall well received I think.

Switched candles that I was using for Hestia. Originally using beeswax votives but they need to be burned for 1 hour minimum so wax being wasted as wick burns down before wax so switched to thin taper, much better. Beeswax candles will be reserved for offerings or high days for the time being.

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