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10/26/12: family and ritual

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

My son had a day off from school today, so he joined me in my daily devotional at his request.  During the two powers meditation that I tried to walk him through, he kept trying to get into the tree yoga stance…with his eyes tightly closed.  It was quite funny.  Not sure why he thought that was a good idea.

When we started leaving offerings at the various shrines he asked if he could do the offerings for the shrines in his room (Apollo, Artemis and Gaia).  So while it wasn’t a very “strong” devotional time, it was a good family spiritual experience.  (I have no interest in forcing a 5 year old to do spiritual work beyond prayers at bed time and at the table.  I tell him about what I do and why but I leave the actual doing to only when he requests.  At lot of the things I do, I do when he’s not at home or when he’s in bed simply because it is easier or that is the time that I have the time to do it. As for my husband, while he is Pagan, he is more along the Native American mode of nothing much outward.)

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