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10/25/12 – Anywhere Ritual

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Worked on some Lenormand learning today. A reading that I asked for help on a FB learning group. Unfortunately the site where I was learning these cards has been shut down/deleted by the owner for unknown reasons. I suspect, alas, thievery is the reason. It is very unfortunate as I was learning a lot.

Zeusday: I did a version of the “anywhere ritual” and then revised it. Below is my revision. Next up will be to start putting together ritual for Samhain.

1. Purification- silver the well and say:  Bounty to the well

May I be pure in thought, speech, heart and action.  Touching each area with water.
Offer some water to the muses saying:  Honor to the muses
Throw some water for the outdwellers.
Light a flame if possible saying:  I raise Hestia’s light

2. Initiating the Rite – state your purpose

3. Honoring the Earth Mother – two powers attunement, then state:
Hail, Earth Mother, honor unto thee!

4. (Re)Creating the Cosmos and 5. Opening the Gate(s) – imagine the Fire, Well and Tree
By Land, Sea, and Sky,
By Fire, Well, and Tree:
O Hermes,
Let the Gates be opened! Imagine the Gates opening
I am a bridge between well and flame in service to the gods.

6. Invitation – for each, dip a finger in the water and raise it in offering
To the Ancestors: water, may it strengthen thee!
To the Nature Spirits: water, may it strengthen thee!
To the Gods and Goddesses: water, may it strengthen thee!
To [name] water, may it strengthen thee!

7. Offering – offer gifts: O [name], accept my offering!

8. Omen – take the omen—if favorable, continue; if unfavorable, skip to 10 and try again later with other offerings or a revised perspective

9. Calling (asking) for the Blessings of food /drink
I gave my gifts to thee
may your blessings strengthen me!
Let your blessings come into , that I may take them within.
Consume gifts. I thank and honor thee

10. Affirmation of the Blessing
Hail the Kindreds, strong in me!
Thanks be to the Kindreds Three!
Peace to all beings, so may it be!

11. Closing the Gate(s)
O Hermes
Let the Gates be closed. Imagine the Gate(s) closing

12. Thanking the Earth Mother
Hail, Earth Mother, honor unto thee.

13. Closing the Rite
Extinguish the flame “Hestia’s light resides within me.
Desilver the well “The bounty of the deep resides within me.
By the heavens above and the earth below,
the rite is ended may it lighten my heart and smooth my way
So mote it be through Ma’at

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