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10/23/12 – journaling

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Along with going through DP, I’m also learning lenormande cards. While I like tarot, they seem to be more about emotions than practical application. Lenormande is practical. I’m following the lesson plan here: Today was lesson 1 part 3: Significators.

So far have kept up my daily devotions, doesn’t seem like much but I have been so inconsistent before ADF that it is an improvement.

It was pointed out to me that Earth Mother is the patron of ADF hence her inclusion in ritual but that Hellenic ADF peeps, call Hestia first and then EM. I will do so also but I may also follow another suggestion, since I use a statue of Gaia as my Tree calling her as EM seems redundant, so I may call on Demeter.

Also on the evening on the 18th, I made a paper sugar skull box to hold letters to my ancestors, this is my offering to them. I will burn the whole thing on Halloween after my ritual. (Ritual will be held in doors because at 10,200ft, it is typically too cold to do anything but a very short ritual outdoors.) It sits on a ceramic skull that my mother gave me which I use for ancestor offerings.

Paper skull box filled with letters to the dead on top of my ceramic skull ancestor votive

Gaia statue arrived in the mail today. She will be my Tree hallow. Gorgeous! Below is the prayer I read/said as I opened the box and withdrew the statue from its packaging:

I honor Gaia, mother of all, the eldest of all beings,
for your powers birth waters and seeds of life,
for you feed all the creatures upon your bosom
whether they dwell on the land or in the sea.
Through you, Lady of Green and Blue,
mortals are blessed with children,
for to you belongs the gift of life and
the right to take it away.
Happy are those whom you honor
with all things abundantly: food, riches and children.
Your heart is the hearth of the world,
all offerings come from and return to you.
Bountiful Lady, Mother of all draped in starry skies
freely bestow upon us the substance that awes the heart
to encourage us to be caretakers of your bounty
for the good of you and later generations.
May your children come together for the benefit of all.
Hail Mama Gaia!

I use this both for my Gaia representation and for my Tree

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