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10/19/12 – DP manual

November 5, 2012
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[catch-up post]

Read a bit of the DP manual…trying to reconcile my understanding of the Hellenic worlds to ADF practices.

Posted in Hellenic group: “So the three worlds in Hellenic cosmology is Ouranos, Gaia and Tartaros. Hades is within “the belly of Gaia” (or at the edges of the disk of earth where sky and pit meet) and not Tartaros which is where Typhoeos, the Hekatonkheirs, Nyx, Hermea, Atlas and, according to some, evil mortals reside. The ancestors and khthonic gods are in Hades which also includes the Elysium Fields which is where the Kronos rules and I assume other Titans are found (formerly of Tartaros). Okeanos, variously described as Titan or Protogenos, is the divinity of water that encircles the earth (sounds like a coat or drape, mayhap corresponding to the atmosphere?).

How does ADF’s three worlds/Hallows fit within this? At first I thought it was Ouranos (Flame, were the Celestial Gods live), Gaia (Tree where humans and nature spirits/nymphs reside) and Tartaros but the ancestors are not found in Tartaros but in Hades with the khthonic gods. I suppose you are going to tell me I’m over thinking this…”

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