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10/18/12 – Zeusday

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Continued headache but did offer scent and a prayer to Zeus.

Hail Zeus, Father of Gods and Men
Wherever you are the Gods will follow
Please be with me now and always.
I, Melia, lovingly give you the honor that is your due
For your will is done both in heaven and on earth.
Bountiful Zeus, I thank you for meeting my needs.
Gracious One, Help me to correct my faults
And forgive the faults of others.
Please aid me in my struggles
And avert evil from my path
Please give me your blessings and guidance
For Zeus is, Zeus was and Zeus always will be.

I also read another chapter out of the book I’m reading about him and shared the interesting bits in a Zeus-focused group on Facebook.

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