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10/17/12 – Agathos Daimon

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Filled my Agathos Daimon jar with lemon juice (friendship), sage (wisdom), thyme (psychic connection) and rosemary (strengthen mental powers) along with vowing to discuss my day before I sleep. I did this after doing a lenormand reading of bouquet (gift), book (learning/knowledge), stork (change) , garden (socialize), clover (success) taking this to mean that I needed to give a gift indicative of my willingness to learn and grow by communicating with my AG leading to success. It has been a long while since I change the jar contents. Still need to bury old contents. Will do this tomorrow.

Having a major bout of insomnia that is making reading anything difficult need to get back to the DP study guide. I do have the books picked out that I want to read from the recommended reading list. Need to look into getting them. Starting to wonder how to manage everything I need to do over this year long path.

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