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10/13/12 – Corn Dolly

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Winter has been slow in coming…not that I’ve minded really but I haven’t made my corn dolly before now because it didn’t seem right. My flower bed was still blooming nicely…until yesterday. The cold temperatures, snow and such have taken care of that issue. So today I made this year’s corn dolly. Her chest contains a sampling of the few flowers (pansy, viola, snapdragon and catmint) that have managed to make it. My son picked her hair color (his latest favorite color is green). He also suggested we burn incense before it (which surprised me) but I thought it was a great idea. So while the incense burned, I read prayers to Kore-Persephone. (We took the remainder of the incense outside to finish burning so that the house was only slightly scented with Jasmine and Dragonblood)

Corn dolly 2012

This hangs in my kitchen behind the cutting board. Historically, corn dollies were made to trap fertility within for the next year. I make corn dollies to trap a little bit of summer within as a promise that warm weather will come again. Winter here is long and I often need this reminder that no matter how long it seems, it will not last forever. In her arms she holds a citrine quartz crystal. Citrine reminds me of sunshine so I set out these crystals the evening before summer solstice in a place to capture every bit of the warmth of the sun. I like to think that if I was the type that could actually feel energy that I could feel the warmth of the sun shining forth from this rock. Come May Day, I will burn this dolly and spread its ashes throughout our garden. It is made of cotton, corn husks and (by that time) dried flowers.

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