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10/11/12 – Thursday is Zeusday

November 5, 2012

[catch-up post]

Thursday, need to do something for Zeus. Pull out my Lenormnad deck and see what my guides advise me to do. I didn’t write the exact cards down but it boiled down to do a full ritual. Not an ADF-style ritual as I do not have that ironed out but my version. Included below. Feelings when done? I hate doing a large ritual when it is only me. I like my ritual write-up but I’m sure it could be better. I look forward to getting my dedicant packet so that I can compare/contrast/blend ritual formats together.

LATER. Received my packet started reading, curiosity pulls me here and there skipping around before I can settle down to read it in linear fashion. I’m very bothered by the idea of giving silver to the well that is just dumped in some stream or large body of water. It feels wrong and wasteful. I HATE wasteful. I was raised to be thrifty from a long line of thrifty women. Giving is great but dumping it in a body of water for someone else to pick up and maybe use inappropriately is giving me big mental fits. I like the idea of offering coins and then donating those coins in the Well’s “name” to some charity that would fit the wells interests. Will need to do a reading on this when insomnia is not riding me like a hobby horse. Peri-menopause is soooo fun.

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