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Thankful Day 3

November 3, 2012

I spent today with my family.  The three of us went and got our haircuts.  Then we stopped by my stitching store and picked me up some more variegated floss, black for a bat Halloween project and variegated so that I can hopefully finish designing my son’s birth chart.  We then went to my cousin’s daughter’s going away party which was surprisingly boring and a waste of time.  From there we ran some errands which brings me to the point of my post…

Today I’m thankful that my husband FINALLY fulfilled his promise of over a year to clean out my truck after Dragonfest last year.  I refused to do it and reminded him continually about it.  It was pretty bad and he paid a pretty penny to get it done because of it.  Now it is clean and smells like cinnamon.  Yay for a clean truck!  It isn’t perfect but much, much better.  Until my dog gets in the truck for the trip home and gets his nose all over the windows again.  [le sigh]

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