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PBP: Vesuvius, 79 AD

October 28, 2012

Vesuvius, 79 AD

It began like any other day
a beautiful land
in a wonderful climate
coastal cities bustling
with trade and tourists
charming yet dangerous
for underneath
a giant imprisoned
his tormented movements
send earth breaking tremors
keeping workmen busy
repairing and renovating
yet this morning, the men
more bleary-eyed than usual
howling dogs filled the night
ignoring stones and curses
thrown heavily their way
midday turns dark
serenity of the day broken
ash, fire and cloud
roll down the mount
covering the land in darkness
screams, panic, fear
overwhelm the region
no safe haven to be found
dust, ash, cinders, boulders
rain down
no one safe
no one sacrosanct
true night falls
flames are all that is seen
until boiling mud covers all
the bustling territory silent
no survivors
no salvage
only a giant’s revenge.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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