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October 22, 2012
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So as I slowly (and I do mean slowly) make my way through ADF’s dedicant manual, I’m trying to incorporate the things I read into my practice (with a few tweaks…I am still me after all).  The reasons for the slowly movement are 1) insomnia makes it hard to read (the going to sleep part is fine but if I get woke up at all during the night, only rarely do I make it back to sleep, stupid brain won’t shut back off…yeah, last night I got maybe 3 hours of sleep) and comprehend and 2) any time I start to pick up speed I tend to panic.  The more I read the more I find I need to read the more I wonder where I’m going to get the time (and energy) which starts a feedback loop of panic that then incorporates “doing it wrong” or “doing it right but not comfortable with it” or some other such nonsense.  So I’m trying to keep a slow but steady pace yet I really want to be able to do an ADF style ritual for Halloween/Samhain.  Any way, I figured I’d share one of the things I’ve started incorporating into my day.

  • Silvering the Well (means offering something to the well to “activate” it, as I understand it (I used my silver oak tree pendent) :   Bounty to the Deep
  • Light the Flame (in my case this is lighting Hestia’s candle):  I raise Hestia’s light
  • Drop of water placed on forehead, center, focus on flame for 3 deep belly breaths:   Between the worlds I find my balance
  • Raise a filled cup, say then drink after each sentence:  I drink to the Ancestors.  I drink to the Nature Kin.  I drink to the Gods.  To all beings in the worlds I drink this cup of fellowship. (drain cup this time)
  • Pause. Reflect.  Be still and welcoming.
  • Water to forehead again, center, focus on flame for 3 deep belly breaths:   Between the worlds I find my balance
  • Extinguish flame:  Hestia’s light rises within
  • Remove Silver:  Bounty of the deep flows within
  • By the Heavens above and the world below, may this lighten my heart and smooth my way.

I then offer some of the Well water with a short prayer to Hestia (main altar), Gaia (main altar), Zeus, my Agathos Daimon (in pantry), my Lady, Hermes (front door) and leave the remaining cup of water on my ancestor shrine saying I remember and honor you.

Takes about 5 minutes I’m guessing.

At night as I lock the front door:  Blessed be this house and property.  From front to back, side to side, ground to summit, protected be from harm and calamity.  So mote it be through Ma’at.

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  1. Anne permalink
    October 22, 2012 7:33 PM

    Very cool.


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