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October 19, 2012

So my husband left for elk hunting a week ago.  If I’m lucky he’ll come home today with an animal.  Made it through the week with minimal blow-ups from the boy-child which is a wonderful surprise in itself.  Though he just had to ruin it with a fit this morning over a toy.  I told him he was acting like a 3 year old and no more toys before school if this was the way he was going to act.  I’ve woken up at 6:30 ever single morning since Hubby left…since I’ve had another (continuation?!) bout of insomnia, this really sucks.  Mom came up on Monday and left on Friday.  I’ve had a low level headache since Tuesday which means I pissed off my shoulders in aqua-yoga on Monday.  Oh I also volunteer in my son’s classroom two days a week.  I’m supposed to be reading the ADF manual but between a visitor, insomnia and constant headache I haven’t been able to pick it up.  I’ve also had to deal with some bullying issues on my son’s bus but that situation is finally getting better.  My truck is acting up and my parents are nagging at me about needing a newer, safer vehicle. I did manage to get a chapter read in the book on Zeus Meilkhios. All in all it has been a long and not very productive week.

Last night my son wanted to do something together but it was too late for a movie and we couldn’t find a craft we could agree on so we did some coloring.  He colored a dancing skeleton in multiple colors that he took to school to give to one of his friends (a girl no less…told him that most girls probably would not like skeletons…).  I found a template of a sugar skull “box” that I printed out on card stock and colored with sharpies.  I’ve already started placing notes in it for my beloved dead.  I hope to burn it all come Halloween night.

the paper skull sits on top of the ceramic one that my mother decorated for my 40th birthday party.

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  1. October 19, 2012 9:30 AM

    Is your son playing up because his Dad is not around at the moment? and I like the idea of the sugar skill box, hmm I work more with The Morrigan, Epona and Cernunnos! Maybe I should do a box with a horse, a stag and a raven on it?


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