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PBP: Tartaros

October 8, 2012

My mother asked me this last weekend about what Pagans believe, in general about what happens when one dies.  I realized that I wasn’t personally clear on the difference between Tartaros and Hades so the below was the result of my research, in poetic form.


Great pit beneath Gaia
dark twin of heaven’s dome
gloomy prison of Titanes
enemies of Olympos
Not of Hades’ realm
which resides in the depths
of earth’s hollow belly
as far away from there
as Lord Ouranos is above
the bounteous Lady Gaia
nine full days travel away
Surrounded by triple night
and by a bronze barrier
interrupted by only one gate
guarded by Hekatonkheir giants
warders of the Titanes
Abode of star-spangled Nyx
and her daughter day
yet never together
Sire and cage of Typhoeos
serpentine storm giant
wishful overthrower of Olympos
whose bellows rock shores
with hurricanes and storms
when the bronze gate opens
by the command of Zeus
At the dark edge is Atlas
immovable with his wide load
the support of heaven
upon his strong back
Some say here abides
also those evil souls
once encased in mortal flesh
Protogenos and peer
of Gaia and Ouranos
yet largely unknown
in myth or in rhyme
dark and gloomy Tartaros.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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