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Tarot Journaling: Knight of Vessels

September 21, 2012

Wildwood – Knight of Vessels/Eel:  I can not connect this with anything involving my day.  Most frustrating.

Met with someone in the morning to learn about the company Melaluca.  Did some housework and laundry.  Took my son, who spent a lot of time in trouble at school yesterday, to his last swim lesson and then onto family night at his school.  From there we had dinner, came home, put boy-child to bed and then I worked on my Pagan Blog Project.  Really thrilling life, eh?  😉

My Witchy Lenormand:  Moon + Raft (ship) + Fox = creativity + foreign place + inventive skills; relates to my writing of my Pagan Blog Project about the “starry planets”.  I couldn’t figure it out last night as I wrote the blog AFTER trying to work this out.  By then I was too tired to work on this again.  If I had taken this into account I wouldn’t have slogged so long trying to figure out what topic to write upon!  (While Fox is typically about deception, tricksters or work I think it can also apply to creative communication skills aka writing.)

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