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Tarot Journaling: 5 of Arrows

September 20, 2012

Wildwood 5 of Arrows/frustration – hmmm this card seem to pop up for me whenever I do not (will not?) sleep well.  Frustrating is a kitten who wakes you up every two hours because he wants to play… I mentioned this the last time I drew this card that I did not sleep well.  While it is only twice it is an interesting coincidence.  Additional frustrations involve my child acting up at school and on the bus.  I guess it is better earlier than later.

My Witchy Lenormand:  Letter + Raft(ship) + Child.  Interesting.  This seems to refer to the incident on the bus.  His bus driver informed me of a tussle between my son and another boy on the bus today, along with my son not staying in his seat. Information about childish behavior on a vehicle.  What is interesting is that when I have a personal dealing with my son, he shows up as Pet (Dog) in the cards but when he is with someone else it is as the Child card.

Oops forgot to publish this last night!

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