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PBP: The Sentinels

September 20, 2012

Nightly they stood
defenders true
encircling Olympos.
The seven zones
watching for evil’s approach
from the towers
came their nightly calls
in many tongues
going many places.
Selene receiving echos
passed from starry planet
to starry planet
from Phaenon’s starting point
Kronos high to Moon low.
At the Horai’s command
around the heavens
a cloud wreath draped.
While the inviolable gates barred
against a stealthy troop
seeking advantage
of empty palaces
‘Lo Eosphors, watch the east!
‘Lo Hesperos, watch the west!
For Typhoeus approaches.


The Starry Plantes or Astra Planeta were the gods of the five wandering stars or planets. They were named Phainon (the planet of Kronos, Roman Saturn), Phaethon (the planet of Zeus, Roman Jupiter), Pyroeis (the planet of Ares, Mars), Eosphoros/Hesperos (the planet of Aphrodite, Venus), and Stilbon (the planet of Hermes, Mercury). Together with Helios (the sun) and Selene (the moon) they formed the seven zones.

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