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Tarot Journaling: Queen of Vessels

September 18, 2012

Wildwood Tarot:  Queen of Vessels/Salmon – Shows a salmon swimming upstream with a hazel tree above.

This deck loves to torture me…2 court cards in a row.  Argh!  Let’s see…I finished trimming a deck, did a few piddly things around the house, picked up my son from the bus where kids on it had been taking his hat which upset him, had a heck of a time trying to steer him in the emotional right direction and get him ready for swim lessons, to have him act up after swim lessons, having to be mean mom before he’ll listen to reasonable mom who hates to be mean and seems to have to do it way too often, to watching a show after he went to bed that made me blue (main character missing a relationship that she can no longer have…well at least she has a bestie that understands.  Hell I don’t have that certain relationship or the understanding female bestie…all my besties tend to be male).  Trying not to wallow and barely keeping my head up.  So other than motherhood and emotions, I don’t know how else this card applies or if that is even applicable but there you have it.

My Witch Lenormand:  Pet + Crossroads + Rider =  I have no idea maybe being an ex-3rd party in a relationship at an emotional crossroads and trying not to tread that same road again.  Could be about my son, my buddy and how his emotional outburst today let me know that he’s not ready  for participating in an after school program.  By the time he gets home from school at 4pm, he’s just plum wore out which he shows by being rather argumentative and not very well behaved.  Spending an extra couple of hours doing school stuff just doesn’t seem like a good idea at this time.

D’oh!  Pull some more cards!  Garden + Rider + Heart = my approach to the after school program is correct.  Phew.  Makes me feel a little better as he really wanted to do it.

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