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Dark moon reading

September 15, 2012

So tonight being the dark moon and I in the mood to play with my Lenormand cards, I decided to ask if I should do something for the Lady tonight and what.  Answer:

  • First card:  fruit basket (bouquet) – gifts (beeswax candle came immediately to mind)
  • Second card:  birds – meeting
  • Third card:  tower – solitude

I took this to mean:  yes, light a candle, meet with her in solitude.

So I did at my altar in the stair room.  During my “meeting”, I told her the wish of my heart and asked if I should join the ADF, why or why not.  I then used her deck (Pearls of Wisdom).  I laid out 5 cards.  Even number = yes, negative number = no.

  1. Knight of Cups = 0:  meeting with like-minds
  2. High Priestess = 2:  wisdom, following intuition
  3. 2 of Cups= 2: partnership
  4. 8 of cups = 8:  change in direction
  5. Wheel of Fortune = 10:  change

So all of the cards were even.  A change of direction from my pure solitary path to one that is still physically solitary but with in a community of like-minds and a chance to learn something I may have missed if I continued on my own.  Quintessence for this reading is  22 (even number, Fool/beginnings) = 4 (another even number), emperor.  Not only the card of Zeus but also of a card of organized leadership.

[nerves] something new, something different…uh oh here I go!

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