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Tarot Journaling Cluelessness

September 14, 2012

My Card for Wednesday was 5 of Bows-Empowerment.   I could find nothing in my day that associated with this…best I could come up with was a possible green light to pursue my interest in ADF.  It shows an ithyphallic chalk figure on a hill hold a club and a bow.  There are 4 other unstrung bows laying at his feet.

I drew a second card to see if it would help define the first…6 of Vessels-Reunion.  It shows 6 vessels floating on a pool of water that flows out of what looks like a Celtic funeral mound.   So possibly be coming together with like minds will be empowering?  I don’t know.

My Card for Thursday was Queen of Bows-Hare.  I’ve been sleeping poorly again this week and so other than I was read to box anyone who crossed me (yeah boy-child and I had issues in the late afternoon), I do not know how this applies.  I did do some bouncing around working on crafts and housework…

The qualifyer card was Ace of Vessels.  Water drains from a stone cauldron in a pool containing a swan, small crescent boat and a drinking stag.  Maybe a need to rein in my baser (grumpier) emotions?

Spent last night picking through the Witchy Tarot cards to form a Lenormand deck of 40 cards (added ancestors, daimon, power animals and spirit guides).  As a tarot deck, Witchy wasn’t that great.  Rather hard to read but has some great art work.  I think it will work pretty well for a non-standard Lenormand deck.  If it works for me, I’ll eventually trim it down and find a home for the unused cards.  I don’t even have tarot down pat…why oh why am I starting this up?  Curiosity.  Simple curiosity.  I will go nuts if I don’t try it.

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