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Tarot Journaling: 6 of Bows

September 14, 2012

Wildwood:  6 of Bows/Abundance:  6 unstrung bows laid like spokes around a fire, trees in the background, baskets of food in the foreground.

Be generous.  Be generous to who?  Page of Stones/Lynx…website description sounds like a student or child, so my son.  While he was a handful when he first got off the bus, he soon improved.  Asked for some chores to earn back some toys.  Did the chores with no complaints so got back more toys than he expected.  Ate dinner well and watched a movie with us.  Went to bed with no issues.  Overall a good evening with him.

My WitchyLenormand:  Fireplace (Sun) + Pet (Dog) = illuminate buddy aka praise my son or let him shine?

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