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PBP: Remembering

September 11, 2012

I’ve been mulling over for days on what to write for the letter R.  Nothing clicked.  Then today rolled around.  I’d like to say it is important simply because it is my mother’s birthday.  Sadly, that is not the only reason.

Remembrance chart designed by me. Click on picture to get the free  cross-stitch chart.  Two versions:  polytheistic and monotheistic

I think it is important to remember the tragedy of 9/11.  It is a milestone, however ugly, for the United States.  A lot of people lost their lives for simply being American.  A lot of people lost their lives for simply helping in the after math.  A lot of people died simply because they were at the fateful spot at the appointed time.  A lot of people have on going health, mental or emotional issues simply because of the events on this day.  On this day, the tragedy of religious extremism was brought home to Americans.  We need to remember it because our lives changed that day.

We need to remember it so that we can make the world better by refusing to become the extremists.  “Nothing to excess” says the Delphic Maxim.  Extremism no matter the belief, whether religious or political, is unacceptable.  This day ought to remind Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Pagans and Muslims the horrors of going too far.  The horrors of placing ideology above humanity.

We need to remember this day because it reminds us that we are mortal (“Think as a mortal” is another Delphic Maxim along with “Help your friends” and “Control your anger”.  Actually, many of the Maxims are especially appropriate for this day.) and that life can be cut tragically short.  Treasure every moment of your life.  Show appreciation for your loved ones.  Say what you mean and do what you say.  Do what you love and love what you do.  Be the best that you can be.  Live, love, laugh, learn and harm as few as possible.

I think this quote from Sannion’s blog is very apt…

“The presence of the gods will not shelter us from bad things happening, because it can’t: bad things are just a part of physical existence. Because they were mortals even Sarpedon, Aeneas, Melampos and Antony had to taste of death, despite being well-loved by the gods. What the presence of the gods does is help us heal and grow stronger, help us pick up the broken pieces and form them into something beautiful and meaningful. Bad things are trials that make us wiser, stronger, more compassionate and creative. They are the fuel of evolution that helps us to reach our full potential as human beings. It gives value to our experiences. I look at the face of my beloved and I know there’s a chance she won’t be here tomorrow. But now, in this moment, she is here with me and so I will show her how much I value her, never letting an opportunity to express that love go by unanswered. That is the heart of Pagan theology – recognizing the fragile and ephemeral nature of existence and celebrating it as much as you can, while you can.“

A Prayer of Remembrance

Today I remember the events of 9/11.
I pray to the Gods of earth, sea and sky and humbly ask for your blessings.
I pray the victims found comfort in the halls of their ancestors.
I pray for those left behind to find solace and healing.
I pray that those who aided the survivors be blessed with an abundance of good.
May we all learn to see beyond past hatreds so that we may share a peaceful future.
May those who would kill in the name of religion find better ways to honor their Gods.
May we be freed of the effects of fundamentalism, from wherever it might come.
May we all learn the grace of living with those different from ourself.
I pray to the Gods and Goddesses, to the beloved ancestors,
Look upon Your children here and aid us in building a better future.

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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  1. September 11, 2012 9:04 AM

    Her arms say: “Two planes can’t bring me down”


  2. September 11, 2012 12:40 PM

    To my surprise this blog has been quoted by The Wild Hunt blog (See trackbacks below for link). I think what Mr. Pitzl-Waters said about today is important enough to quote:

    “In short, we haven’t placed 9/11 collectively behind us because we are still dealing with the aftermath of our reaction to it…We all exist in a changed world. As Pagans, as people who understand the power of words and actions, of the consequences of will, we have each responded in our own ways to this new reality we now inhabit. Every day we are now faced with the responsibility of how we will shape the world around us in a climate of war, fear, silence, drone strikes, and pain. Will we work to transmute our basest instincts into something nobler? We can never return to a time before 9/11, but we can work to change our culture and how we respond to tragedy. We could be a part of a conversation, a spell if you will, that brings out the better angels of our natures. I hope, that in the years to come, we can finally end the wars we have started, care for our wounded, change our priorities, and rebuild ourselves from the brokenness that so many of us still encounter.

    The responsibility of existing in a world changed by horror and terror is to make sure it keeps changing, so that healing and peace can finally return. That is my small piece of magic and intention for this day. “


  3. ladyimbrium permalink
    September 11, 2012 3:35 PM

    Beautiful, as usual, but particularly so today. Well said.



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