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Tarot Journaling: 3 of Vessels

September 9, 2012

This card depicts three white cranes dancing  around.  On the ground is three different cups:  a green one, a glass or white one and a gold or brass one.

I spent my day by myself.  Hubby had to work and then was going to go fishing so he took the boy-child with him.  I went out to lunch, took back the crocs that hurt my feet (being flatfooted, I think the croc 1″ or so heeled sandals didn’t have enough support in them as the mary jane flats are comfy), got a pair of croc flats in leopard print no less and did some more shopping.  Came home made myself dinner (mostly veggies if you can believe it!) and watched the Broncos kick Steeler butt.  (Mid way through the game I realized…Manning grew up.  He went from a Colt to a Bronco! [cue lots of snorts and giggles from me, chuckles from Hubby])

So this card marked the fortunate return of the crocs (which I was worried they would not take back) and watching the Broncos play fairly well (Defense missed a lot of tackles) and Manning prove that he still has what it takes.  While overall the day was lonely as I just don’t have many people I can call up at the last minute to do something, the evening spent watching the game with Hubby after they got home was good.

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