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PBP: Quintessential Zeus

August 28, 2012

The Quintessence, the creative fire
Sovereign of Light was brought forth
to seize the reigns of the universe
to clasp earth to his bosom
wrapping it with love and intent
giving of himself for stability of form.

Ethereal Zeus pervades throughout
expanding and shaping
collapsing and destroying as needed
the natural mover and shaker
distinguisher of roles
Father of Gods and Men

Others are brought into his light
settling powers upon each
with one to stabilize their movement
his beloved, his wife,
she is his agent, receptacle and source
adhering together in conjugal union
air is her element, involved in every action
majestic garb clothing the earth
able to create, able to destroy
a quick and rapidly moving energy
majestic, lovely, powerful
repelling, cold, harsh
gentle as a springtime breeze
unforgiving as the winter chill
her lord’s only source of restriction
other than the invincible will of Fate.

Every nation has its Zeus
majestic, dignified, authoritative
seen through their own lens
some he strikes with terror
others with love and gratitude
yet always commanding respect
honor is given him
in thanks, in propagation
whether through solemn rites
or through music and dance
through the offering of animals
or libations and incense
every nation has Zeus for he is
the Quintessential, the Sovereign of Light

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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