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August 22, 2012

Hmmm it seems for the Pagan Blog Project that I went from “P” to “S”.  Looks like I need my 5 year old to tutor me in the alphabet. [head/desk]  So I owe two posts on “Q”.  They will most likely be late.

I had a ton of  plans for this week, only to have to cancel them all.  My mother is going in for foot surgery today and the relative that was going to stay with her for the first couple days cancelled.  So I need to go down.  Pretty peeved about it.  Not at mom but at the relative and maybe my dad.  (I’ll spare you that rant.)  I was supposed to give a bracelet workshop to some friends and now I won’t be there for it.  I’ve been planning this workshop for weeks.  It is the right thing to do though…I’m trying to put a good face on it.  Took the supplies over to the house it is to be held at and walked her through the information she needed to know.  Hopefully it will go well.

I really wasn’t expecting to go down so I’m leaving a number of things undone this week.  Including laundry.  Hubby told me I looked frazzled last night.  He kicked me out of the house.  Ordered me to walk down to main street, have dinner and A GLASS OF WINE.  Strict orders.  He then took the boychild out with him.  So I had a nice relaxing, quiet dinner with a book.  Love my hubby.

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  1. Teal Cuttlefish permalink
    August 24, 2012 9:43 PM

    That is indeed a marvelous hubby. He noticed you were fried, and did something about it. Good for him!


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