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PBP: Quadrivia of Choices

August 22, 2012

I come before thee,
Lady of Clear-Speech,
at the quadrivia.
What say you, my lady?

Here you stand
in balance with self.
Choose a direction,
any way but back

For going back
will not lead you forward,
only through repetition.
What a waste of time

To the left is the universe,
and you a child within,
a celestial body,
reaping what is sown

Forward, aim for the spark,
measure your angles,
put forth effort,
commitment ,persistence

To the right is the teacher
with the knowledge of
real and imaginary,
complex and simple

Stasis is where
challenges arise.
Staying with same tune
leads to disharmony

Find your courage,
make a choice.
This is the journey.
You are meant to struggle.


This was done with one of my favorite methods of brainstorming:  tarot.  Within it you will find (from the Wild Wood Tarot):  Seven of Bows/Clearance,  Forest Lovers, The Journey, The Stag, Ace of Bows/Spark of Life, The Hooded Man, Two of Stones/Challenges and Eight of Arrows/Struggles.

Quadrivia = Latin for “place where four roads meet”

“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”


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