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PBP: Oreades

July 23, 2012

I’ve been agonizing since last Wednesday over what to write this week.  Nothing I tried sparked an ideas.  Not even the old “pick a page in the dictionary and use a word on that page” method.  I did that again tonight, resolving to write SOMETHING, no matter what.  I ended up pulling out my tarot deck and asking about the Oreads, the mountain nymphs.  Below is the result.  I don’t claim it is good just that it fulfills my obligation.


Mountain home,
where the trees dance
and caves hide the oreades,
mountain nymphs,
from mortal eyes.
They mourn for their freedom;
for when mortals were rare
and their homes pristine.
Now they are the guardians,
trying to maintain the balance
between humanity and nature.
Seeking to teach traditions
and reverence for Gaia
to those that will listen.
Protecting the wild places
for generations to come.
Redressing the balance
in ways that seem harsh
but are actually just practical.
Rebirthing their beloved land
while holding up a mirror
to force reflection upon those
who tout change without
yet stagnate within.


“a year of exploring the Pagan world through blogging”

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