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Reading my blues away

July 17, 2012

So I watched the first two episodes of the last season of Eureka and came away really blue.  Partially because I’m PMSing for the first time in 4 months.   Partially because it triggered some old issues.  Partially because it is another of my favorite shows that is coming to an end.  (At this point the only shows that I’m watching is Lost Girl and Dancing with Stars.  All my other shows have been cancelled!) So before bed last night, I decided to do a tarot reading to help me wade through my muck.  Used my tree spread and Wildwood tarot.

  1. Root of Issue:  7 of Arrows/Insecurity – “Woe is me.”  Yep that pretty much summed it up.  I was wallowing.
  2. Learn this:  Wanderer – go forward with a light heart no matter what path is before you
  3. Ancestors Say:  6 of Vessels/Reunion & Clarifier card 3 of Bows/Fullfillment – pull yourself together and go with the flow
  4. Guard against:  Archer – loosing focus and impatience
  5. Integrate:  Queen of Bows/Hare & Clarifier card Seer – Had a hard time with these last night.  Clear as day this morning…female hares will battle with their mates to “test” them.  The Seer is about giving an outlet to something you’ve been suppressing.  I did a whine and bitch session at/with Hubby last night while we were lying in bed.  Pretty much cried myself to sleep.  My focus was over my resentment over the cancellation of the festival and the fact that he scheduled work.  We talked it out and I feel much better this morning.
  6. Internal Challenges:  4 of Bows/Celebration – finding joy in the every day moments
  7. Do this with joy:  8 of Arrows/Struggles – find the positive in every situation.
  8. Emotional issues:  5 of Bows/Empowerment – face your fears and talk them out.
  9. Support this:  10 of Bows/Responsibility – only you can fix this as it is an internal issue

Q  = 52 = 7 = Archer – focus.  Be patient.

Base = 4 of Vessels/Boredom – we haven’t done much this summer activity wise and I fear the rest of the summer will be the same.

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