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another bracelet post

July 15, 2012

I did some yard sale hopping with my son this weekend.  (No A.  I did NOT buy any yards!) One of the things I bought was a pink bead bracelet that was too small.  I took it apart last night and threw in some beads that I have on hand.  Voila, a new bracelet.

Variegated pink bead bracelet

Picked up a variety of other items including a set of snowshoes for the boychild.  He got to do some snowshoeing on borrowed shoes with his dad last winter and enjoyed it.  So I’ve been looking for a pair.  Got them for $5 and they will last him for a while.

In bad news, the spiritual retreat that I attend every year was cancelled last week due to the high fire danger.  I’ve been in a funk about it ever since.  To give you an idea of how down, I told my husband, “My summer is over.  It can snow now.”  Umm yeah.  I hate snow. A. LOT.  But since the highlight of my summer is not going to happen, eh what’s the point.  I’m slowly acquiring some better perspective but still a bit whiney.  Since it got cancelled, Hubby scheduled some work for that weekend.  Has me pretty peeved as I hoped to find us something else to do.  No point now.  I could cheerfully smack him with a 2×4. Repeatedly.

To be fair, our camper is falling apart (literally…split at one of the corner seams and the floor on the back has rotted through.  Not surprising as the camper is about as old as I am) and we have not found a “for sure” replacement yet.  Have lines on a few possibilities but nothing definite.  Yet he isn’t worried about me and what I want to do.  He’s worried about his hunting season.  [sticks out tongue]

Yep.  Whiney.

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