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PBP: Nephthys

July 7, 2012

There is one goddess that my heart has always gone out to…Nephthys (pronounced “nep -these”).

“…descend with Nephthys, sink into darkness with the Night-bark…”

While there seems to be some conflict about her (whether she was actually married to Set; whether she was a separate entity from Isis, Neith or Seshat; whether Anubis was even the son of Osiris), the story that told of Nephthys’ envy of her sister’s relationship with Osiris is how I remember her.   She envied their closeness, their love, their happiness.  One day out of desperation, Nephthys appeared to Osiris and made him think that she was Isis just so that she could feel what it was like. (This tale was a retelling of the myth with lots of wonderful details…which means of course that I can’t find it anywhere on the ‘net to link to it.  All I remember is that as Isis’ twin sister, all Nephthys did was wear her clothes and used her perfume.  Any differences that Osiris noticed she convinced him it was because he was tired or something.) This deception was the flaming match to Set’s flammable jealous anger and eventually caused the death of Osiris.  The one time Nephthys tried to be someone that she was not, she brought down unimaginable horrors for her sister.  From then on, it seems to me, she was her sister’s constant companion and support.  While Isis seems to have always been the popular sister, it is Nephthys that has always drawn me.  It is for Nephthys that my heart aches.

Prayer For Nephthys – I wrote this a while back because I’m sure part of my sympathy for her is because of my own experiences.

Death Which Is Not Eternal” –  a poem of Nephthys understandably lamenting about the lack of respect she gets

The Garland of Nephthys” – an interesting viewpoint on the story

Goddess of Night” inside of a stone coffin lid

Nephthys, Shadow Sister
Goddess of Night
Constant Companion of Isis
Death Which is Not Eternal
Lady of Transition
Breath of Life
Excellent Lady
Friend of the Dead
Consoler of the Grieving
Goddess of Laments
Enshrouding One
The One Behind
Found in the West
Mind Healer
Soul Preparer
Bed of Life
Winged One
Barren One that Longs for Life
Vulture Mother
Mother of Anubis
Comforter of Mothers
Divine Nursemaid
Mighty One of Words of Power
Mistress of Destiny
Revealer in Moonlight
Nephthys, I honor thee.

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