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tree spread

July 3, 2012

“I am a bridge between earth and sky in service to the gods.”  I do not remember where I picked up this mantra but it influenced the spread I created tonight.  I came up with the concept but had trouble deciding upon the exact meaning of each position.  Used Wildwood Tarot to do a reading instead the cards named each position.  So I then did the reading with Animals Divine Tarot.  Worked rather well.


8     6     9



2     1     3

  1. Root Issue – Strength/Tara:  self-doubt
  2. Snake the Teacher (Learn this) –  Moon/Odin:  Use this dark/quiet/down time to over come fears, doubts and weakness
  3. Ancestors say –  King of Wands/Gamna Sinnin:  consult us for wisdom
  4. Wolf the Guardian (Guard against) –  8 of Swords/Condor:  inflexibility, narrow-mindness
  5. Intergrate – King of Cups/Poseidon:  emotional past
  6. Internal Challenges – Queen of Pentacles:  you are not alone/seperate
  7. Do with joy – 10 of Wands/Tortoise:  move forward however slowly with your burdens, do not sit and wait.
  8. Emotional Issues – 2 of Swords/Sparrow:  not allowing self to fly, to let go
  9. Horse the Supporter (Support this)  – Justice/Maat:  truth, honesty, ethics; act in good conscious.

Base – 9 of Swords/Crow:  anxieties

Quintessence = 57 = 12  = Hanged Woman/Spider Woman:  it is all a journey, look at it from a different point of view

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